Á GLÁMBEKK – Grettisgata 87

Photos by Na Rfi
‘Á Glámbekk’ or Up For Grabs is a project by Qwick.

Grettisgata 87 burned down in 2016. Half a year later Qwick stumbled in the building, then without a roof, flooded with water and clean walls (without graffiti). After the discovery he went home and to the hardware store. Got himself a power drill and a padlock and squatted the place for a half a year using the house as an outdoor sketchbook.

After the wall space got full, the trash was piled up in sculptures. A massive 4x4x4 meter scaffolding structure pulled up. Twenty airbrush sketches were hung up around the space and the space was opened. All up for grabs and for others to see.

Works from:
15th of January to 1st. of June, 2017.

The exhibition consists of 10–15 murals, 20 airbrush works and a scaffolding sculpture.

Special thanks to:

Guðmundur Óskar 
Stebbi Óli
Sturla Magnússon

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