Published by Grandabræður 2015.

Q.003 a zine by Qwick RWS

A5 zine
42 pages 
Digital print
90 g Munken Pure Rough.
Limited copies of 100.

Photos from: 
6. March – 16. July, 2015.

Reykjavík, Zurich, Ljubliana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Athens, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Berlin, Leipzig, Geneva and Marseille.

Thanks to:

Jhonny Crome Silver
Andy the film develop man
1107 Klan and ROG
UAUU Studio
Chez 186 and Medica
Zipo and Herzy - HBID
Gate and FYGS 
Vales, Vato and the NR4T
Krack - 831
420 Crew
Spild, Skader - RAT PACK
Splids brother for bed
Heal, Sue - RWS
Gregor the Greate
Óli Þór
Bjarki Fannar Atlasson
Reena and your Mother
Park and Basik
Gala and Fluffy
Dust, Kiddos, Gizmo and the rest of The RWS Organization
and Matta.

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